Tuesday, 7 June 2011

[Story] The beginning.

The smell of the sea filled Cruth's nostrils. As he slowly started to regain his hearing he could hear the waves breaking on the rocks. He faintly heard a voice in the distance. "Are you okay? Can you hear me?" Cruth tried to see who was talking to him but as soon as he opened his eyes the bright light blinded him. Again the voice, "Hello? Can you walk? Can you talk?" Cruth stood up and stumbled around for a little while. When his eyes were finally adjusted to the light he was able to see who was talking to him. It was a small person. The person looked at Cruth with a slightly concerned look on his face. "Are you al right? Talk to me." he said while grabbing Cruth's arm so Cruth wouldn't fall over. "Y-yes, I think I am al right. Where am I?" Cruth asked. "You are at Atkatla Island." the person answered. "My name is Morgis, what is yours?" "I am Cruth." he said. "Good to meet you Cruth. You are lucky I found you here! I thought you were dead." Cruth suddenly realized he was standing on a beach that was ridden with debris. Pieces of a big ship everywhere. He saw bodies lying face down in the sand, their pockets turned inside out as if someone tried to see if they had anything valuable. Cruth looked at Morgis and said "What were you doing here? Why are all these bodies looted?" Morgis looked at him and said "Well if they are dead they don't need their money any more now do they? Why not give it to someone who does need it, right?" Cruth agreed with that, even though it was disrespectful. Morgis continued "But enough about that, let's get you back to the camp! I guess you would like some food!" Cruth's stomach started to rumble. He didn't realize he was that hungry until Morgis mentioned it. They quickly walked up the hill and Cruth could already smell the meat that was roasting above the fire. When they reached the camp Morgis gave Cruth a plate with a nicely roasted piece of boar, while explaining the situation to him. "You see, we saw your ship heading towards those cliffs over there", while pointing to the shadows of the cliffs in the distance, "and we thought 'Those people could use some help!' So we set up a small camp here trying to help anyone that survived that horrible crash. So far it has only been you." Cruth was listening while satisfying his hunger and thirst on the meat and wine. "But as soon as we set up camp here", Morgis continued, "the path to the town got blocked off by a big landslide and we have been trying to find a way back since." Cruth swallowed a big piece of boar meat and asked, "Who are 'we'?" "That would be Avandra, Imnon and me. Imnon is probably in a tent somewhere and Avandra is in the caves, looking for a way out. If you are back to your strength I will give you a weapon and we can go and see if Avandra found a way back to Candle Harbour." "Where can I sleep?" Cruth asked. "Here take Avandra's tent for now. I'll see you in the morning."


  1. Nice story, quite well written. I look forward to further instalments.